SKY-SWING Balloon Pendulum Project


December 12 2013 ………
The ADVENTURE PLANET concept … to span 300ft of rope between two hot air balloons in the sky and perform a pendulum swing was hatched over coffee one morning after a balloon jump as we dreamed of the potentials …. over a year later after detailed planning and research amid setbacks for weather and schedule changes The Adventure Planet team have achieved their goal

“Balloon Pendulum Sky-Swing” was a success.

Thomas and Chris used their years of experience flying together to position the two balloons as one with extraordinary precision
With both balloons set in position and the rope spanned between them Gulliver was free to go and play on the big swing …. YEEEWWwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

DJ Rullbiza

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Edited By
Peter Mether

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